This business was started by managing the properties of one investor. He wanted to be in control of his property portfolio. After being disappointed by many management agencies, who lacked attention to detail, were not flexible in their approach, did not monitor the maintenance of the properties properly, had no eye on costs, he decided to start managing his own properties.
The boss learned that by managing his properties himself, he was able to increase his income, simply by paying closer attention to the tenants, keeping an eye on the details, closely monitoring costs and by being profesional.
Quite quickly, other people, friends, neighbours wanted the team to run their investment properties. They liked the idea of a better yield, driven by lower costs, attention to detail, being professional and the friendly relationsip with the team.
This lead to us offering our services on a commercial footing to a wider spectrum.
We now have clients around the world. We specialise in dealing with all types of property owners, investors, who want a bespoke service and a superior return on investment. Our results are convincing.
We found that by working with multilingual staff, it was easier to communicate with our tenants. Over time we also discovered this was very reassuring for our new clients, many of whom would prefer to speak to us in their Mother Tongue.
Our clients have confidence in our skills to trust us with the total management of their property investments, eliminating all worries about dealing with the legal complexities of the London Real Estate Market, and enjoying a dependable return on their investment.
A Local, International, Solution.
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